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UK Limited Company + Secretary + virtual office for 799€
In 3 hours!   
UK Limited Company Formation now - 3h online ltd Formation >

I want to know more about UK Limited Company formation...
• Why form a UK Limited Company?
• Minimum capital required?
• Why choose England?
• What are the advantages?
• V.A.T. in the U.K.?
• UK Bank Account?

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Order a Full-Package UK Limited Company for 799 €
• Registered company with Companies House
• Central London registered office
• Company secretary
• Mail forwarding
• Free phone & fax
• Full virtual office
• Express formation
• Full documentation
• Free start-up advice

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UK accounts package 1st year 999€
• Limited Company, or partnerships and sole traders accounts preparation:
• Tax computations
• Annual accounts
• Regular follow-up
• London accountant
• Tax Planning advice

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1st Time Incorporation of a Limited Company in England?

Important facts about UK Limited Companies

You can run your Limited Company from anywhere in the world. Many people use their Limited Company to sell goods and services online, to offer consulting, to provide training and many other business activities, operating from a country different from their own. Many employees receive their annual "bonus" or expatriate rewards by the means of a Limited Company in the UK. The best Legal Entity in Europe is the UK Limited Company.

Our Bizpack 1 solution offers a complete incorporation package for only 799€ including all taxes. The product and price are ABSOLUTELY UNBEATABLE. You only need a bank account and your accounts preparation to operate. That's it! It is that easy!

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Bank Accounts
World wide - major banks onshore and offshore
London Banks - Bank Introductions
Your bank introduction with Visa card + cheque book & more...

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Shelf Companies
Ready made UK Shelf-Companies
shelf company, ready to use companies
View our list of ready to operate companies...

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Virtual offices
Registered address, world phone and fax forwarding
Virtual offices
Operate your business from anywhere in the world ...

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